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Krav Maga : The Real Story

Krav Maga as a system of self defence has suddenly gained a lot of significance in India, couretsy media and those in the business. Well, nothing bad about it .....amrketing is good & is very much needed in every thing one does. This highly effective & practical system is slowly getting tarnised, read on ..............
In the late 1980s, Krav Maga was also being taught to the Israeli public.Since almost everyone in that society serves in the military, most of the population had been exposed to it anyway.In fact, the name of the art became so common that it was used as loosely in Israel as the word “karate” is used in America. Variations sprang up everywhere.By the 1990s, everybody was claiming to be a Krav Maga master or a 10th degree black belt.Some of the original instructors of Krav Maga—men like Dennis Hanover —got so fed up with people claiming that their Krav Maga was the “true version taught to elite units” that they dropped the term Krav Maga from their vocabulary altog…

School /Campus Violence

What causes killings on campus / school?
It has been found during investigations that the killers are "very self-centered, very self-centric, volatile youngsters who derive sadistic pleasure from savage vengeance
they wreak on one another.
The mental world of these young killers is "all about I , Me & Myslef. They're
frustrated, angry, in some pain, not getting everything they want, they feel
like victims, hence have no concern for others -- they don't think about
Dorothy Lewis, professor of psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine, told a PBS Frontline
documentary that pathological aggressiveness is rooted in abuse and pain. "Probably the
most powerful generator of aggression in living beings is pain... Animals that have been
tortured and children who have been severely and repeatedly abused often become
extremely aggressive. Animals and humans being raised in the company of violent adults
is associated with the development of aggressive behavior patterns."

Crime Against Women

Day in & day out we hear & read about numerous crimes against women - rape, molestation, eve teasing , murder etc. etc have taken the light out of our lives.
There are a numerous reasons why a women could be attacked or targeted –
>Car jacking
>Inappropriate touching
>Rape or molestation bid
A look at data
>Delhi/NCR has accounted for 31.2% of rapes, 34.7 % of kidnappings, 18.7% of dowry deaths, 17% of cruelty by husbands & 20% of molestation cases.
>Among 35 mega cities, Delhi alone reported 31.2 % (533 /1706) of total rape cases & 34.7 % cases (953/2746) of kidnapping & abduction of women.
>Delhi/NCR reported highest -41% of kidnapping & abduction of children upto 15 yrs of age. Out of total 1452 children abducted, 597 were in Delhi.
>Proportion of IPC crimes against women has increased from 7.4% in 2002 to 9% during 2007.
nOffenders were known to the victims in more than 75% of rape cases (14536/19348)
*data from National Crime Statistic…

Fitcomb on Air

On 25th Mar 2009 , Jia from radio 92.7 called me up to air me on their channel on the radio. The agenda was - sharing of some tips on Women Protection to her listeners, as the assialants of Saumya Vishwanathan & Jignisha Ghosh had been absconded the previous day - was it the victory or just another facet of cruel, violent urbanisation?? Whatever it is, till such time the judgement & that too a very stern one is released the sound would not make enough resonance, the sound of fight against crime, in the mean time we can not afford to sit back & be could'nt careless about it. Eventually, we have to come to our own rescue unders such situations.

On the radio - I shared an important aspect of Women Protection which is - understanding ranges & zones :
Safe Zone - The radius of approximately 2 mtrs all around you from where no one can harm you using his/her arms & legs even if fully exetended towards you.Danger Zone - The radius once breached & the range is reduced…

Women Protection

Day in & out newspapers stink of crime against women. Our women feel protected with their better halves - but let us introspect : 'are they themselves prepared to handle or is it just a false sense of security'?
And what about those women who are single yet jostle with challenging careers, demanding movement at odd ours - the answer is definitely not what the Delhi lady - CM once remarked for Late Saumya Vishwanathan , but yes - awareness & preparation is the answer!
Ramrajya is a distant dream - so long so that happens we need to keep ourselves prepared 'because accidents happen when least expected'.