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Stockholm : Alleged Terror Attack

It was work as usual for me on Apr 7th 2017, this time in Odisha (India) & little did I know that another barbaric incident was making an infamous history in Europe again, this time in Sweden.
Nice (France), Brussels (Belgium), Westminster (London) & now Stockholm (London) have had a similar fate , all within a very short span of time. The modus operandi in all these mishaps remained almost the same - 'use of a heavy vehicle as missile to mow done innocent lives'.
News Report
A man drove a stolen beer truck into a crowd of people in a popular shopping district in Stockholm on Friday afternoon and then rammed it into a department store, killing four people and injuring 15 others in an attack that unleashed bloodshed and panic on the streets of another European capital.
“Sweden has been attacked,” Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said in a televised news conference. “This indicates that it is an act of terror.”A nationwide manhunt conducted through much of the evening ended when the police “caught one person of particular interest,” said Jan Evensson, the chief of regional police.(Source : France Presse)
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How do we explain the use of a vehicle as a tool of terror ? Well, its unfortunate but true that the terror outfits like Al Qaeda & ISIS have planned their strikes meticulously, stating it an 'out of the box' thinking would not be a rhetoric.
The first shocker came in the form of 9/11 , when the Twin Towers were struck by aircrafts leading to a catastrophe, none imagined a strike like that happening to the global business hub in New York. With all our focus on the misuse of sky way, the use of motor vehicles as weapons of mass destruction has come in as a cheaper & effective tool of terror.
What you may not even consider or think about as a risk today might structure into a cognitive innovation of terror very soon. I foresee that we could soon witness drones carrying payload & dropping over civilian or even military installations or even use of animals to carry explosive & detonate them to cause destruction. Well, we should start thinking NOW atleast few steps ahead of the enemies of humanity & peace.
I would conclude here with a few 'survival tips' which may help save lives :
1. Avoid crowded areas as far as possible.
2. If that is not possible then be extra attentive & careful.
3. Walk facing the traffic as it could give you a pre warning.
4. Make use of pedestrian pathways or elevated platforms to avoid & quick run-over.
5. Do not panic rather act quickly & get onto raised platforms or behind reinforced structures to avoid a hit.
6. Avoid walking with your ears muffed or plugged as this could delay your resposnes.
To be able to see a peaceful world we have to think loud & aggressive to rein in the crazy monsters of disasters!
Stay Safe !!
Capt. Jaipreet Joshi
Survival Instructor - FITCOMB (India)


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