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Sheep or Sheep Dog : Avoiding a kidnapping

The ordeal of someone who gets kidnapped cant be described here nor shall I make any effort to do so. Rather I shall try & explain the whole concept of kidnapping & the antidote for the same. Kidnapping is not very common on our streets but it is definitely not 'uncommon'. The incidents of men & ladies getting pulled inside a moving car, kidnapped, raped & let go or even killed & dumped keep finding place in the newspaper but surely miss out our eyes because 'may be we are not bothered' or may be 'it did not happen with me so its ok' syndrome has colored our whole psyche and made us 'sheeps' & since we do not have very many 'sheepdogs' around we need to fight our own battle.

Why do kidnappings happen?
They happen when we are lost & oblivious of our surrounding, when we look like sheep - fearful & unprepared or may be when we have a past & someone need to settle a score with us. But is surely happens when the 'Wolf' thinks he can overpower us.

So how do I avoid it ?
Be a 'Sheep Dog' - alert & vigilant! Let not your predator trap you & feast on to you. Here are a few tips which can surely help you be a 'smart sheep' if you can not be a 'sheepdog' :
  1. Walk facing the traffic - Right is always Right , walk on the right side of the road. It will be difficult for your kidnapper to approach you from the front , surprise you & pick you up.
  2. Bags away - Keep your bags & mobiles away from the traffic or moving vehicle as they become potential harnesses to pull you alongwith.
  3. Better safe than sorry - When a car or any vehicle comes close to you get into a habit of moving away , its better to be safe than sorry
  4. Cell or Hell - Using a cell phone while walking should be avoided as you tend to become oblivious to your surrounding & your reflexes weaken.
  5. Spread Out - If pulled inside a vehicle, pull yourself back, spread your hands & feet apart so your become a large target . Try falling on the road or ground so that your mobility is reduced & it becomes difficult for your assailant to take you away with easy.
  6. Shout out loud - Shouting will make the kidnappers job tough as it will attract attention meanwhile continue to fight & wriggle out.
What if I still get kidnapped ?
A weapon in your pocket or may be only God can then help you! Escape before its too late.

So till you decide to be a 'sheepdog' , which you can become through regular training in self defence & combat, atleast be a 'smart sheep'. But remember, a smarter wolf can always eat a smart sheep, so your ultimate aim should be 'to be a Sheep Dog'?


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