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Crime Against Women

It was shocking yet again to read the news & fathom the naked audacity of the psychopaths who not only gang raped a young 19 year old mother of a few months old baby but also rammed the new born on the pavement infuriated by her constant wailing.

In yet another brazen incident of personal vendetta, a young techie was shot dead by a jilted lover who couldn't take a negative from her. The 23 years old Anjali Rathour, a Mgmt Traneee with Lava Mobile Phones was shot dead by an unidentified person at Shatabdi Rail Vihar, a residential society in Noida Sector 62, last week , where she lived.

Police said CCTV cameras recorded footage of her being chased by a pistol-wielding man at a parking lot of the apartment complex around 6.34 am. However, poor video quality has prevented police from zeroing in on the murderer so far.

This is not the end of the ordeal but just the tip of the iceberg, an number of cases are not even reported by the victim and a similar numbers are not entertained by the police. Like in the case of the gang rape victim, Haryana Police refused to register a complaint initially, citing Presidential visit which was keeping them very busy. Is this the police we want? Is this the 'Safety Security Cooperation' mantra which they otherwise claim as their 'motto'?

There are a few things which come out very sharp & clear :
  1. If it has not happened with you till now, don't presume it shall not happen with you. Though we can pray & wish but only 'preparation'can help! Are your prepared ?
  2. Between you & your aggressor there are only 2 things which can save you or your life - your Will & Skill ! Everyone else, ap, activists, organisations etc etc will come later. So do you have the Will complimented with a Skill?
  3. Technology like CCTV, Helplines, SOS apps etc. are potent post incident inquiry enablers but not a threat neutralizer or mitigation tool . Please don't rely solely on them. So are you in yourself a force to reckon with ? 
  4. There is a rising trend of group or gang attacks against victims. But have we enhanced our skill sets to be able to restrain or refrain such pack of wolves from causing us a harm?
  5. Did you ever engage yourself in a 'Survival Training' program like Self Defence or Combative?
If your answer is an honest & blatant 'NO' then you are highly prone to a similar risk. My intent here is not to give you 'gyaan' but show you the mirror so that you get scared (yes I mean it) & do something about keeping yourself safe & secure. 
You are God's beautiful child & the Almighty wants you safe but remember God helps those who help themselves! 'Ask & it shall be given , knock & it shall be opened'. - BIBLE
So get out of your slumber & that comforting thought that ' it can't happen to me' & start preparing to be a Hard Target !

Love & Regards,

Capt. Jaipreet Joshi
Chief Mentor - FITCOMB
Reality Based Survival & Combat Training 


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