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Proactive Self Defence

During my martial arts training in the dojo, my sensei would always use to say that martial arts advocate the philosophy of never delivering the first strike. Infact, he would reiterate that if we get into a street fight, we should never let the first punch go from our quiver of strikes, rather wait for the same from the assilant & then respond accordingly. When I retrospect now,having graduated in various combat & strike arts & reality based fighting systems - I try and analyse the statement - 'Never First' ! It could have never meant what we thought it meant and if it did ,then it is devastating! In a real life crisis situation, when a visibly drunk guy comes out of the car in a dark alley with a broken bottle in his hand we can't possibly hold on & ask him what he wants or wait for him to hit us first & then would be fatal, or near fatal or shall I say STUPID ! A logical proactive stance to this situation would either be to move rap