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Neem Hakim Khatra E Jaan

While we spend hours or may be days zeroing down on a doctor checking his qualifications & credentials before we let him put us under the knife why do we take ourselves so casual when it comes to a ‘trainer’ teaching us life skills to survive vicious attackers?? Well it may not be audacious for us to claim that we have a set of most Qualified , Competent & Experienced instructors at Fitcomb a look at the data below (substantiated with records) might help you better comprehend : 1.        Real Military Combative Expertise : Our Chief Instructor is an alumni of the elite Indian Army in the capacity of an Officer of Combat Unit having been exposed to real time threats & attacks during his tenure along the Line Of Control, North East & High Altitude terrain. 2.        Industrial Security Management : We boast of the 1 st & only Security officer from the private industry to have been trained alongwith officers from CISF, BSF & CRPF at NISA (CISF Traini