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Weapon is a Perspective !

Weapon is a perspective & I go on explaining this with an analogy that if it is held by an Osama then it is to terrorize & kill but if it is used to save innocent lives & property then it becomes a ‘boon’. Imagine a military personnel fighting for his country without a weapon or a SWAT officer trying to negate a hostage situation without a firearm. Well, a weapon injures & may lead to a fatality but who uses it and why it is used sets the perspective right in or against it. Simply said, call a weapon a TOSS or a Tool Of Safety & Survival & it becomes a positive reservoir of energy , call it a Weapon & brings in negativity. People mock at me & ask me, “why do you carry a weapon? Are you scared?” And my answer to them is simple & straight – “I foresee a situation better than you since I am a professional & trained in combative. I don’t carry a weapon but a TOSS which can save my life & life of someone else. So I am being proactive &