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Reality Based Self Defence

I am an ex army officer with a 2 Dan Black Belt in Karate, Black Belt in Unarmed Commando Combat System,  instructor  levels in Krav Maga, Law Enforcement & Kapap  with background in Boxing, Muay Thai , Jiu Jiu jitsu , Wrestling , Indian Sword & Stick fighting.  I feel that traditional Martial Arts are not best suited for RBSD (Reality Based Self Defence) not because of their academic importance & heritage but because of their effectiveness in 'real combative scenario' where there are no rules, no holds barred & our assailant is not single, carries a knife if not most sophisticated weapon of the world & has an intent to kill & not to score points.Yes , traditional MA develops agility & confidence but their teaching is not comparable to Reality Based Training which incorporates use of weapons , combat medics or first aid if slashed, chocked or shot, helping others in evacuation or tactical combative to sum it. A background in martial arts will defi

Are you ready ?

The world has become a dangerous place not because the number of bad guys have swelled but because the good guys have done nothing about preparing themselves! Recent bombing in France (Paris) is a substantial denominator & indicator that such killings are mindless and ruthless. Incidents such are these are on the rise and many more which go unheard like kidnapping, robbery, rape, murder, road rages killing etc etc. Are we prepared to be able to stand in the face of the enemy or are we expecting a miracle or do we feel its not our job? Our own self defence & protection is our duty which we might as well comply with some sincerity. Fitcomb claims to be the most complete & advanced defensive system and can surely help you achieve the needful. Whether it be for your personal need or your teams responsible for protection.