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Street Survival

Well the days are getting from bad to worst! Every other day we read about street brawls, quarrels, fights and even murders. Fortunately, those who make news are not part of our units or families but unfortunately it turns us oblivious to the facts. Spending money & time on things we enjoy doing or providing us satisfaction is a good idea but we forget to invest some time to our safety & longevity. We have time for crazy office hours, movies, friends, even gymming for some but we forget to spend time on learning & internalising survival skills which can not be complimented for any thing else. Your insurance policies or proximity to a politician or cop may not help you when you have a moron pointing a gun to your forehead while you drive down back from office or a family get -together. What will actually help you is to understand that a knife can injure from from 4 directions & a gun can only fire straight @ 500 to 800 ft per seconds. Simple awareness and sensitivity may