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22 YEARS OLD STABBED TO DEATH I hung my head down in shame & despair when I read the newspaper this morning which read, ‘22 year old stabbed to death’ . Another broad day light crime… this time Pinki a 22 year old woman was stabbed to death by a jilted lover who stabbed her repeatedly on the MG Road Metro Station in full public view just because she said ‘NO’ to his advances. The ruthless assailant was taken down by a breaveheart passerby who hit him with a ‘table fan’ which he was carrying , seeing this others gathered courage & overpowered the accused. But an innocent life had been lost by then. Here are a few pointers which you may like to note & share with others just in case you got into a situation like that, ‘probably’ you would be able to save yourself or save a life : 1.        Past : Always be careful of old enemies, jilted lovers etc. , they could lie dormant for years & then suddenly wake up to a vendetta. 2.        Distraction : A