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Florida Shootout

Greetings of the day! Here is an important piece of information straight form the front page of all major national & international dailies including various news channels : What Happened ? A shootout in Florida (US) on 12 th Jun 2016. About 50 innocent lives were lost & equal number were seriously injured. Who did it & why ? A 29 year old youth who allegedly had ‘homophobia’ sprayed bullets on a Gay Club killing people in cold blood. He pledged allegiance to IS too. Why did it happen ? This may not happen here, so why bother? People have already started arguing that this happens in US only, because the country has free gun culture & this is unlikely to happen in India. But google & related data suggests that in India only 20% people in possession of weapons hold valid arms license, rest 80% are in possession of illicit (not country made katas anymore) weapons. TOI dated 11 th Jun 2016 brought to light a big number of laser sight (for precision