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Fitcomb : Real Combative for Real Situations

    Fitcomb carries the legacy of Krav Maga , KAPAP , RBSD and amalgamates    various proven combat systems of the special forces in its anvil  making a     potent ABC or / Application Based Combative .  ü Reality and application based learning – We do not impart sports based  martial arts technique which may have no bearing in the mean streets which has no rules, referee and fouls but ABC. ü Offensive Defense – Over a period of last 10.5 years of interventions with more than 160,000 empowered souls we have realized that  ‘ offense is the best defense’. Soft self defense skills may work against diminutive irritants but stopping a hardened criminal or psychopath requires tougher treatment, so it is not violence but constructive aggression. ü Real and not Reel  - Actions speak louder , our interventions are based on role plays, demonstrations and practice ! We prepare the participants during our workshop  to handle real life threats and mishaps . There are various others who

Be Your Own Weapon

Be Your Own Weapon After the unfortunate ‘Nirbhaya ’  incident followed by spurt in ‘crime against women’ the government was pushed to the corner for its inability to curb such ‘disasters’. What followed amongst other measures was the directive by the govt. that ‘every organization employing women would need to organize adequate security arrangements for them’. The directives included some of the following : 1.        Safe pick up & drop of the female employees if their shifts or work involves staying beyond late hours   - Soon after this became a norm we heard of another infamous incident of ‘Dhaula Kuan Rape Case’ where the victim was kidnapped while she was walking back to her home after the drop was raped & dumped. 2.        Govt took another ‘knee jerk reaction’ & made it compulsory for all organizations to ensure that a GPS was installed to monitor the movement & a security guard provided to escort specially the lady employees. Last pick & first drop