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Street v/s Studio

The biggest misconception about a violent assault or a street fight situation is that they're neat and synchronised. Most martial artists are taught to believe that a simple direct specified reaction, in a specific sequence to a particular assault is the answer. for eg. a Soto Uke for a Jodan Tsuki. I wish if that was true! But nothing ever happens exactly like you imagine or even practice it. Martial arts teach you to follow a sequence or a kata . Well you know from your life that NOTHING ever goes exatcly as planned. your abiltiy to react and adapt is how you survive. Self defense is no different and is based largely on you adptive skill sets. In the studio, we may hit our target every time, kick a few inches above our dummy opponents face level but in the real world, you will miss it for SURE. Your target will move and you may even simply slip and fall, or would be restricted to do so because of you saree, or tight pair of jeans . Remember, what can go wrong WILL go wrong! To su