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Is Self Defence an Option?

Since time immemorial the primary or basic concern of mankind has been survival. The first invention of the prehistoric man was 'tools' , these stone carved tools were used to save themselves against wild animals, sharpen their spear and host of other utilities. Man has continued to evolve since then & has upgraded to computers, pneumatics, robotics & shall continue to evolve further & always. But the aspect of survival has remain as primary as before though the perspective has changed. Now its not against the wild animals & forces of nature as much as its against 'inhuman humans; out to kill, rob loot , rape or maim for reasons best known to them. Maslow in 1943 described the needs of Human Beings best depicted through this Pyramid : The underline here is that we can not bye pass 'SAFETY' to attain 'SELF ACTUALISATION'. Hence the need to be able to defend ourselves against odds which can only be done if we make a concious effort to lea