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Stop Me if You can !!

On 24th Feb 2016, a man tries hard to sleep at his home in posh Vasant Kunj area but for the loud music his next door neighbour is playing. He decides to walk up to him to tell him to 'stop' the loud noise as it was already past midnight.This leads to some heart burn and altercation & the man returns back to his home. After about 30 minutes the man playing loud music knocks at the door of the complainant along with his friends to settle the score.The group of hoodlums start pounding the guy & finally draw out a gun & fire 2 shots in his abdomen to lay him to rest forever. Well, such a trivial issue which ended so gory and inhuman! This is the reality & shutting our eyes to incidents like this wont help, we must prepare so that we are not next! Witnesses said that the accused would hold such loud noise parties very often & it is evident that none in the past objected to it which would have definitely made the accused think that it was ok. Now the questio

Recent Kidnapping in NCR : Danger Looms Again

Recently a young executive was kidnapped & kept hostage for a few days. She was let go thereafter & is now back home. It is now not incorrect to speculate that she could have been brutalized & further tormented considering the murderous track record & the advantageous position of the accused, where the victim was at his mercy. We can all empathize with her state of mind & condition all throughout this ordeal. It would be worthwhile to talk to such victims in person & get a first-hand account of the modus operandi of the criminal & her / his response (if at all) to ensure non recurrence, but …..WAS IT AVOIDABLE OR PREVENTABLE ?? Let us not grant everything to the criminal, it is time to own up that we are ‘unprepared’ & ‘callous’ too. My wisdom tells me that most people feel “ it can’t happen to me ” working in their mind somewhere which stops them from being proactive & prepared. Please find below a few points which may help you stay safe &am