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Aware and Prepare

Day in and out we hear and read about numerous crimes against women :
3.Stalking and Eve Teasing 
all this has taken the light out of our lives. 

As many as 32,559 rapes were reported in India in 2017 and the accused were known to the victims in 93.1% of the cases

The overall number of crimes against women has risen steadily from :
3,22,929 in 2016
3,45,989 in 2017 
to 3,78,277 in 2018.

Uttar Pradesh has been ranked as the worst state for women’s security and Madhya Pradesh as the state where rape is most rampant in 2018.According to the statistics, while UP registered 59,445 cases of crime against women, Madhya Pradesh registered 5,450 rapes, the maximum in 2018. 

Lock Down -Its equally mind boggling to find a 78% increase in the cases of domestic violence , that too in the Millennium City - Gurgaon.

Pedophiles are also on the rise and so is the crime against children during the Covid Times.

*data from National Crime Statistics 

My intent of sharing this data from NCRB is not to demoralize you but to sensitize you against the anomalies around us and a dire need for all of us not to just read and feel bad about it but to do something about it and ensure that it recurrence is sealed .

What to do? Any ailment or disease has a symptom before it finally sets in and so is with crime .Before a crime happens there are certain symptoms or indicators of a possibility and we need to be careful about that.
Based on decades of experience from military to private security and now self preservation I am listing down a few countermeasure to help you address these problems :
1. Be aware of your surrounding - let not your mobile phone or computers keep your eyes away from the environment and people around you. People you know need to be really known before you trust them completely. 
2. Look for stalkers or suspicious characters around you - change your route or routine occasionally. 
3. Buddy System - have someone with who you can share your concerns. Its always better to talk about something which is troubling you rather keeping mum and suffering in silence. 
4.Encourage children to learn the nuances of personal space and that any infringement should be immediately reported. Treat them as friends and win their confidence so that they can open up with you without inhibitions .
5.Internet and Social Media Security - It is important to educate your children to understand the nuances of social media security. They should be discouraged to share information like 'check in' , especially when alone, contact no's , address etc.
6. Be equipped - Whenever you step out of your comfort zone , one must be in possession of a TOSS (Tool Of Safety & Survival) like pocket knife , tactical torch , pepper spray etc which may be used effectively against a perpetrator .
Be prepared - just staying quipped may not be helpful unless you know how to use these tools to keep you safe . Learn self defence and indulge in some physical activity or sport to help you stay agile and fit.


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